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Many teens struggle with their weight and hearing a teen weight loss story may help motivate them to do the same. Body image is a big deal for teens. If you don't believe me, check out this video with eye opening body image statistics ...

How about you?

Do you struggle with your weight? If you do, you're not alone. Many teens struggle with this. There is a lot of pressure to look a certain way and a lot of this is fed by the media. All the ads tell us we need to look a certain way in order to be accepted. From television, to magazines to billboards we are bombarded with it.

Mandisa, American Idol contestant, Shares About True Beauty...

There is hope...

When you hear another person's story, you are encouraged and realize that there is hope. That's what this web page is all about. Help others by sharing your story below!

Share Your Teen Weight Loss Stories...

What helped you lose weight? Did you use a certain weight loss plan or book? What was your reason for losing weight? This is a place to help others by sharing your success story.

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Teen Weight Loss Stories....

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My Weight Lose Journey: Teen Edition 
I have been fat all my life. This problem has shaped out who i am today, if i had not been fat, maybe i would be more outgoing. who knows! All i know is …

My Victory Against Obesity 
I dealt with a lot during my childhood, the death of my mother being the biggest obstacle, and me and my dad turned to food. Theres no excuse for it, but …

Bulimic and Unhappy 
If there's a word for how I used to be, it'd be the word "fat". In elementary school, I was pretty large. By the second grade I was already 80 pounds which …

Teen weight loss stories - how i lost my 101 pounds! 
well it started in the 9th grade, my freshman year of high school. i walked in and every girl there was little and cute and had those cute name brand clothing …

My Teen Weight Loss Story and Being Picked On 
A couple of years ago, I was really fat. Other kids in Middle School liked pushing me down while I was carrying stuff for the teachers. The teachers picked …

"I learned the truth at...fourteen." - My teen weight loss story 
My name is Breanna. My teen weight loss story began when I was fourteen, in my freshman year of high school. For me, obesity has an issue for my whole …

Others think you are pretty and skinny, but you dont. Whats the problem? 
"Ever since last year i had this friend. She is my Best Friend! I love her to death! But I have this problem. I am alway stressing on how i think she is …

Teen Weight Loss Story - 40lbs Down But Still Going 
Late last summer I took a look at myself. Yuck that's gross look how fat i am. Suddenly i knew i had to do something. As time went by i lost altogether …

Never Enough 
Being a teenager and being overweight is the worst thing in the world to me. I always knew I was heavy but I never really payed any attention to it until …

The Fat Kid. 
from when i was 10 i was overweight. i used to get called Fat Kid, Fat Ass, Ugly, Fatty Patty and many more. by the time i was 11 i weighed 160 pounds, …

Dancing the pounds off - my teen weight loss story 
I never thought that I was overweight, even when I was going through the inevitable awkward stage that everyone must experience. At least, not until I …

Weight loss as a college cheerleader 
I was a college cheerleader. I was the tallest girl on my squad, which is unusual. Most college cheerleaders are under 5'5". I was 5'8". We had a co-ed …

This is too ironic to be an inspirational weight loss story, but possibly sad. 
I was once 130 pounds (I'm really short, okay?). I was very athletic, but I didn't really lose any weight, this is possibly due to gained muscle mass, …

My Teen Weight Loss Story 
When I was in elementary school, I didn't really care about my outer looks, because no one really does at that age. Weight loss wasn't on my mind. …

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