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This is too ironic to be an inspirational weight loss story, but possibly sad.

by Noelle
(Madison, WI)

I was once 130 pounds (I'm really short, okay?). I was very athletic, but I didn't really lose any weight, this is possibly due to gained muscle mass, I am not really sure.

In any case, in recent months I found out I have something called Grave's Disease. This means that my thyroid is overactive, one of the effects of which is that I underwent major clinical weight loss. I am not sure of my current weight, but it is under 100 pounds.

The moral of MY story is, you could try to contract some sort of disease to lose weight - it works - but believe me, it isn't worth it. Weight isn't everything.

Just eat healthy tasty things like fruit and you'll end up okay and happy. I, personally, cannot exercise because of my health problems, which makes me still concerned about being overweight, even though friends tell me I should be thinking just the opposite.

Really, exercise if you can. Take nice long walks. I can still do that, and I find it peaceful. Jogging is good if you can manage it - it is better for losing weight, but not quite so good for peace of mind, I think.

I never did decided to lose weight at one specific time. Unfortunately I overthink it and most of the time it makes me unhappy. So try not to worry. Everything WILL be okay, just do what makes you happy. (Honestly, that probably makes you lose weight - I don't know if that's scientifically proven, but I bet it's true. Go for it. Be happy.)

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