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Here are ABS-Exercise-Advice.com's latest updates ...

How to Lose Belly Fat and Keep It Off for Life

Learn how to lose belly fat and keep it off for life. Free report reveals a complete fat burning plan to get real, true, amazing health and the flat stomach that comes with it.

Continue reading "How to Lose Belly Fat and Keep It Off for Life"

9 Healthy Foods That Burn Belly Fat Naturally

Foods that burn belly fat, combined with a well-rounded exercise program, can catapult you into

the body of your dreams. Learn what foods will help you get a flat stomach.

Continue reading "9 Healthy Foods That Burn Belly Fat Naturally"

Compulsive Overeating Disorder

Do you struggle with overeating? Find out more about Compulsive Overeating Disorder as well as some binge eating facts to learn how to stop binge eating.

Continue reading "Compulsive Overeating Disorder"

Inspirational Weight Loss Stories

Need motivation to lose weight or get in shape? Read some of these inspirational weight loss stories!

Continue reading "Inspirational Weight Loss Stories"

Free Yoga Exercises Online

There are many different forms of yoga, but hatha yoga is the one most commonly practiced in the West.  These free yoga exercises online that are described below, also known as asanas or postures

Continue reading "Free Yoga Exercises Online"

Best ab exercise I've ever tried

Not sure why its ranked lower because I've tried all the others and this is the only one that I really feel after doing them. Best investment

Continue reading "Best ab exercise I've ever tried"

Worst Ab Exercises - Use Caution With These!

I will share with you a few worst ab exercises that make my list. I believe that the risks outweigh the benefits for any abdominal exercise that places increased strain and stress on your lower back.

Continue reading "Worst Ab Exercises - Use Caution With These!"

My Secret ... How I Make a Living with Abs-Exercise-Advice.com

Learn more about Shelley Silva, owner and editor of Abs-Exercise-Advice.com.

Continue reading "My Secret ... How I Make a Living with Abs-Exercise-Advice.com"

Low Back Pain Management - How You Can Gain Control Of Your Lower Back Pain

What is effective low back pain management? Well, as a Physical Therapist, I believe that effective pain management of any kind is one that gets results. Where you get relief from your pain.

Continue reading "Low Back Pain Management - How You Can Gain Control Of Your Lower Back Pain"

Core Exercise Program - Four Exercises You Can Start Immediately!

As you begin to pass the beginner stage in your core exercise program and develop greater abdominal strength and endurance, you are going to reach a point where you absolutely must add new exercises.

Continue reading "Core Exercise Program - Four Exercises You Can Start Immediately!"

Back Stretching Exercise - Get the Relief You Need!

Back stretching exercise - it can give relief to tight muscles. Muscles like the hamstrings, piriformis, hip flexors, quadriceps and ITB (iliotibial band) that can contribute to lower back pain.

Continue reading "Back Stretching Exercise - Get the Relief You Need!"

Quadricep Exercises - Another Muscle that Can Contribute to Back Pain!

Find out how to correctly perform these quadricep exercises to help banish your lower back pain!

Continue reading "Quadricep Exercises - Another Muscle that Can Contribute to Back Pain!"

Stretching Tips - Make Sure to Make Your Stretches Most Effective!

Working as a Physical Therapist, I constantly educate patients on stretching tips, how to make their stretching most effective. Here are a few tips to implement when you are stretching.

Continue reading "Stretching Tips - Make Sure to Make Your Stretches Most Effective!"

Moving Around the House

After I had my c-section, I was weak for the first two days, but by day three I was moving a lot, and they sent me home. There I stayed moving as much

Continue reading "Moving Around the House"

Twin Unwanted C-Section

I didn't plan on having a c-section, but I just moved, and the doctors I just started seeing told me at the last minute their hospital didn't allow vaginal

Continue reading "Twin Unwanted C-Section"

4 C-Sections

I've had four c sections my last two were suppose to be painful but I recovered with two weeks. My second section was the worst had a painful experience

Continue reading "4 C-Sections"

26 Hours In Labor And Still Had A C-Section!

I began having contractions early that day and not until midnight they started getting worse 5 minutes apart, after 3 hours of that my water broke at home,

Continue reading "26 Hours In Labor And Still Had A C-Section!"

Veggie Fruit Smoothie

I use 1 cup of fresh spinach 2 medium apples 3/4 cup carrots 4 stalks of celery 1 medium mango 1 medium banana 2 small containers of nonfat strawberry

Continue reading "Veggie Fruit Smoothie"

Finally, Some Honest Answers About How to Get Six Pack Abs!

Tired of the abs fads and gimmicks that waste your time and money? Read my review of the one book I recommend to get flat abs.

Continue reading "Finally, Some Honest Answers About How to Get Six Pack Abs!"

Body By Jake Ab Rocker

The Body By Jake Ab Rocker is the #13 best way to target the rectus abdominal muscles.

Continue reading "Body By Jake Ab Rocker"

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