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Weight loss as a college cheerleader

I was a college cheerleader. I was the tallest girl on my squad, which is unusual. Most college cheerleaders are under 5'5". I was 5'8". We had a co-ed squad which means that the guys would do stunts and lift the girls up, we built mounts (pyramids), etc. I tried many things to lose weight so that I would not be the heaviest one to lift. I was not even overweight but my height and muscle from working out with the squad made me the heaviest girl. I tried many things.

What I had found out that worked the most was cutting out quite a few things out of my diet. I did not try crazy diets and supplements. I just cut down on a few things, which included alcohol, fast food, and eating huge meals. I found that drinking less made a big difference.

Fast food has so many calories and fat grams, it just makes you feel 10 times heavier after you eat it. I would eat it every once and a while, but then I found that after not eating it that I didn't even like it anymore. I also found that eating smaller meals throughout the day worked best for me. I eat about four meals a day. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I try to eat food from the 4 food groups each day. I will splurge and go out to eat every once and a while, but if I eat healthy regularly, it doesn't matter. I also try to do 45 minutes of cardio everyday.

I am now 27 and I have kept this routine since college and I weigh less then I ever have. It helped while I was in college too but not as much. I think it is because of all of the muscle I gained from working out with my squad.

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