Who Else Wants to Learn
How to Lose 10 Pounds in 8 Weeks
The Healthy Way?

Did You Know That 95% of Dieters Regain
All or More of the Weight They Lost Dieting?

It's true. And unfortunately, the majority of diets deprive your body of essential nutrients that are vital to good health. Nutrient deficiencies can lead to a host of things from illness and disease to immune system suppression. Anything from rapidly aging skin to irritability, headaches, anxiety and depression have been linked to inadequate nutrition that millions of dieters experience.

Did you know that your body is made up of over 75 trillion cells and is always re-creating itself. For example, your skin is "re-created" approximately every four weeks, your skeleton every three months and your blood supply every four months. So, in other words, you are re-building your body all the time. But, what kinds of raw materials are you using to build your body?

Think about this: if you were going to build a new house for you and your family to live in the rest of your lives - would you choose the cheapest materials or the best quality? Wouldn't you want it to last?

The same is true for your physical body. In order to build a healthy body, you need the right raw materials and essential nutrients. Even if you are currently living on fast food and not getting the nutrients you body needs, you will still build brand new cells. Your body will compensate the best it can despite missing key ingredients. But, if this continues day after day, eventually your body's ability to re-create cells the healthy way becomes crippled.

Often times, you'll ignore the common signs and symptoms of this problem: low energy, depression, insomnia, aches and pains and constant cravings to eat something, anything. However, by eating right and taking supplements, you can actually start building a healthier you starting today and continuing a long time into the future! That�s why eating the right foods and taking supplements that provide your body with all the essential nutrients it needs to keep the re-creation process going strong is so important.

Dieting is not working...so what does work?

Here are a few tips to consider on your journey to lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks the healthy way.

  • I highly recommend you take advantage of my free body analysis and consultation!
  • Drink an 8 oz. glass of water immediately after getting up in the morning (distilled or filtered, not tap). Water helps flush out toxins in your body.
  • Eat a big breakfast within 45 minutes of getting up. This starts your body's metabolism.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day.
  • Walk non-stop for one-hour per day. This should be done outside, not on a treadmill to get the added benefits of the fresh air.
  • Stop eating after 6pm. Food you eat later in the evening has a greater chance of turning into fat instead of being metabolized and burned by your body.
  • Breathe! Oxygen helps burn fat.
  • Add muscle. Muscle burns fat (i.e. yoga, pilates)

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