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Teen weight loss stories - how i lost my 101 pounds!

by heather covey
(houston tx harris)

well it started in the 9th grade, my freshman year of high school. i walked in and every girl there was little and cute and had those cute name brand clothing i couldn't fit in. At this time i weighed 240 pounds. Everyday i would get picked on by someone calling me fat. it killed me inside but i still hid it by eating.

when my summer came i decided to lose some weight. i used no diet plans and no pills, just my own techniques. When my doctor had told me i could have diabetes everything changed, even me. i decided it was time for a new me. over the summer i did what i could and i lost 40 pounds on 2 months. i was happy o go back to school, but i was still 200 pounds and still very big for my height which is 5 ft.

So during school i counted calories portioned my meals and took lunch to school. over the school time i lost 60 pounds. everyone noticed and it felt amazing. then that led me to 180. still i wasn't happy. i stopped eating healthy and exercising and gained 10 pounds. i cried when i had to be weighed at school. i started walking and eating right again. i gradually started to lose weight but then i came to a plateau. i could not lose any more weight for a month or so. it really disappointed me as i was trying my hardest, but i never gave up.

Finally my summer again came around. this time i knew i had to go back to school with the clothes i wanted to wear and look nice. i did everything over the summer to lose the weight. After 3 months of trying so hard i lost another 41 pounds. I had lost a total of 101 pounds. i went from being a couch potato to being an athletic person, i cant go a day with out exercise :]today i am at my lowest weight of 139. my goal weight all in all is to be a healthy 127. i only have 12 more pounds to go. if i did this anyone can. it took me a good 14 months or so to lose my weight but it was all worth it :]

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Thanks NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey your story is one of many inspirations for me to loss the weight i need to loss. i am aming towards a a goal of my weight being at 190lb ( seeing as i am a 6 feet tall and bones so big my shoulds are that of a NFL linebacker...ps im female) my current weight is 255 so i need to loss almost 100 and if you could i know i can so i wanted to say thanks for the motivation to get fit.

Great Job! NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey! I am 5'2 and weigh 165 pounds. I am worried about my weight. It is really hard but your story has inspired me. I only need to lose 30 pounds. Compared to 101 lbs, it is only a small amount.Thank you!

by: Tya

Wow thats totally awesomee.. I really need to lose weight. Im 5'8 and 177 I think im fat but others think I.have a nice curvy shape but I wanna lose about 30 lbs and this story inspired me to do soo. :)

Such an inspiration
by: Mary Kathryn

Congratulations girl! You inspire me so much! I'm basically 6 feet tall and weigh about 205, and a low healthy weight for me is 175. Even though I have 30 to lose, you still inspire me to do it! Seriously? 101? You are such a beast! :) thank you so much for inspiring me and many other boy and girl teens across America. :)

You are amazing!
by: Anonymous

Wow! That is incredible! You must be so proud of yourself. I'm also working very hard to lose weight. (Went from 212 to to 193 in 3 months) and I hope to weight 170 by the end of the summer. Thanks for the inspiration!

That's Incredible
by: Kelly

Heather, your story is so amazing it inspires me to lose weight! I know you said you had your own technique(s) but do you mind sharing? How many times did you go to the gym a week?

I Wish I could do that:(
by: Tila

Hi, Im Tila! and I am 13. I am very curvy and i weigh a solid 155lbs. Alot of people look at me and think i only weigh about 120 or 115lbs. I think alot of people would not think im fat if i did not have fat around my face. That is my biggest prob. I also have trouble loosing my abdominal fat, it's not noticable, i mean i can sometimes wear a shirt without haveing to have double undergarments. I really LOVE your story though. I think it is great that you did not have to use some type of diet plan, and you are very confident!I workout everyday except Sunday, and when I have gym and marching band. I dont really have alot of choices when eating though. I never know what to eat! its so fustrateing!But thank you for sharing your story! You are a great roll model!!!

by: Heather Marrone

Wooww... My name is Heather too!! How ironic o.O
So, I'm fifteen, and a freshmen in highschool, and I weigh around 210 lbs. I've been fat my whole,life, and I've gone through a very hard childhood, so I mostly ate out,of emotions. No one ever told me not to,eat that or dont eat that. Im depressed because of how I looked and just wnt to feel confident. I want to lose 60 lbs and possibly more jst ill see how this goes.. Ive tried a lot of things to make this work my worst,problem is that I cant stick to it.
I dont want to be stick thin, I just want a flat tummy. Ive had stretch marks since I was nine. I want myself to be as confident as I know I can be.
I was wondering if you could give me some pointers, and help me out of it. I want to be you. Or atleast your story.

Email me please at heatherdsm@gmail.com

Id gladly appreciate,it.
,sincerely, heather

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