Finally, Some Honest Answers About
How to Get Six Pack Abs!

It's often difficult to wade through all the abs fads and gimmicks related to "getting a six-pack." Like my dad would say, "they promise you the gold mine and give you the shaft." Nine times out of ten, you end up wasting your time and money.

Dump the Flat Stomach "Pill Scams" and Get the Truth About Losing Stomach Fat

  • No more crunches or sit-ups
  • No more "bogus" fat burner pills
  • No more useless ab belts or gadgets
  • No more long boring cardio workouts
  • No more scams

Have you heard about the book, "The Truth About Six Pack Abs"?

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. I was hesitant about buying or recommending this book because of all the hype on the sales page.

It sounded like it was too good to be true...something that was OVER-promising results...yet again. However, someone I trust highly recommended it. So I took the plunge and bought the book for myself.

I Was Actually Impressed!

After reading this 120 page book, cover to cover, I was very impressed!

In his results-oriented book, the author, Mike Geary, is both a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). This is a great combination because both exercise and good nutrition are needed to get six pack abs.

25 Different Abs Exercises, 8 Routines, 5-7 Minutes/Day

"The Truth About Six Pack Abs" includes 25 different abs exercises and 8 different levels of recommended workout routines. So, whether you're a beginner or advanced, you can start at the level that works best for you. I would prefer that he include animated pictures or videos of the exercises, but each of the exercises does come with color pictures (starting and ending positions) as well as detailed instructions to get you started right away!

The best part is that each abs workout routine takes only 5-7 minutes each day. This is definitely something anyone can fit into their daily routine!

He even throws in a couple surprisingly killer abs & core exercises that are not your typical abs exercises, but really effective. Don't forget the general core strengthening exercises that can be used as a warm-up!

How Important is Strength Training for Abs?

Mike also spends valuable time talking about strength training and its importance in getting flat abs. I am definitely a believer (from personal experience) that this is great information for both men AND women... anyone who wants to lose fat and flatten their stomach!

I personally used to focus mostly on cardio training, but my most drastic results occurred when I started strength training (I lost 4.5 inches at my waist in 3 months!).

The Most Neglected (And Necessary) Step to Getting Six Pack Abs

You might have guessed it...Diet.

Therefore, the last section of his book is devoted to eating healthy to promote fat loss. I do agree 100% with Mike that this is the most neglected (and necessary) aspect of getting great abs. I also realize this is an area I am NOT an expert. I have gotten quite a few questions from readers about their diet and can only offer a few tips from my personal experience.

However, Mike is able to give you the details...the nuts and bolts of diet and nutrition that will help make you successful! He even includes several pages of meal ideas.

The Personal Touch...

All in all, it seems like Mike genuinely wants to help people. I like the fact that he gives you his personal e-mail address to contact him and sends out a helpful newsletter with workout tips.

If you only buy one book on abs training, this is the one to buy! If you follow Mike's advice, it will be well worth the money!

Find Out the "Truth About Abs"

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