Free Yoga Exercises Online

These free yoga exercises online that are described below, also known as asanas or postures, give you links to over 18 different free yoga exercises online to get you started! There are many different forms of yoga, but hatha yoga is the one most commonly practiced in the West. As far as yoga equipment, the main thing that you'll need is a mat.

Free Yoga Exercises Online ... A Sample Session

There is a rhythm in the practice of yoga that offers amazing beneficial results, when used correctly. An asana, or yoga pose has three stages to complete: getting into the pose, holding the pose, and coming out of the pose. Gently stretch into the pose and hold it for several seconds while doing yoga breathing. Depending on the style and level of yoga, poses are held for a variety of lengths ... some 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and up to 3-5 minutes. Choose what's comforable for you and always come out of a pose if it causes any increased discomfort or pain.

Here is a recommended yoga session with links to the descriptions and pictures of each pose.

Warm-up Exercises
Corpse Pose
Easy Pose
Shoulder Lifts
Eye Exercises

More Difficult Poses
Sun Salutation Pose
Leg Raises
Head Stand Pose
Shoulder Stand

Most Difficult Poses
Bridge Pose
Plough Pose
Forward Bend Pose
Fish Pose
Cobra Pose
Locust Pose
Bow Pose
Half Spinal Twist Pose
Crow Pose
Hands to Feet Pose
Triangle Pose

Cool Down
Corpse Pose

The beginning pose in these free yoga exercises online should be the Corpse pose, which should then be repeated between other asanas and as a final relaxation method. The standard yoga pose - the easy pose - is perfect as an energy recharger. It is also a good position for meditation, but, while allowing your mind to gain strength, try to mind the position of your back, which should not be arched.

Continuing with the warm up exercises in these free yoga exercises online, try to relax your neck muscles. This is important because the neck is the upper point of the central energy line of the body, which is represented by the spine. The shoulder lifts are the natural following exercise. Supplementary you may also try some eye exercises, which improve overall eyesight strength and prevent tiredness. To further prepare for the more difficult asanas you can attempt to practice the sun salutation pose, which will stretch all the body muscles. Leg raises will tone your leg muscles, giving you more endurance and improved flexibility, while the head stand pose is also good for resting specific organs in your body - such as the heart. Another variation of this pose is the shoulder stand, which is also beneficial to the spine and lower back muscles.

The bridge and the plough poses increase your back flexibility. Although they might look difficult to perform, both poses are accessible if gentle movements are performed. Do not get discouraged if the perfect stance is not achieved from the first few attempts, as it takes time to develop the strength and flexibility required to execute them correctly. Stimulating the nervous system is also performed by holding the forward bend pose. The fish pose is also rather acrobatic, but it tones the chest muscles and the lungs. Women may try the cobra position if they are suffering from menstrual problems. The cobra pose stimulates the pelvic and lower abdomen area, improving circulation and massaging the internal organs.

Strengthening the lower back may be continued with the locust pose, which also has good effects on the abdominal muscles. The locust pose is known to help prevent constipation. The bow is another pose that helps your back area remain flexible and strong at the same time. Abdominal fat may also be reduced with this pose, especially when a proper diet is adopted. Furthering the exercises for your spine you can try the half spinal twist pose.

Joints and arm strength are improved by the crow pose. This pose also has positive effects on your breathing as it forces the chest area to expand, over time, thus giving you more breathing capabilities. Followed by the hands to feet pose and the triangle, the asanas require you to test your body's full strength and flexibility. The final corpse pose allows your body to rest and replenish any energy that might have been lost during the practice of these free yoga exercises online.

One of the great things about yoga is that despite all the health benefits it produces, it costs you nothing! There is no need to buy expensive yoga equipment to get the best results.

Even though you do not need a specially designed place for performing your yoga exercises, make sure to choose a place as far away from distractions as possible - such as music, street noise, TV, etc. A mat, blanket or towel can be used for your comfort when performing the exercises, as many of them are performed in either sitting or lying positions.

For your workout clothes, try to select something comfortable and loose, such as training suits, sweat pants and a t-shirt, shorts, or loose pajamas. It is also recommended to have an empty stomach, before starting your yoga exercises. As a general rule, one or two hours after a main meal is the ideal time for practicing yoga.

Both morning and evening yoga sessions can be beneficial to your body and mind. Performing the exercises in the morning can contribute to a good outlook on your day. Evening yoga sessions help you sleep well.

Your yoga session should not exhaust you. Do not hesitate to take a break when you feel tired. Actually, short breaks are common, especially between difficult exercises. Keep in mind that as little as 15 minutes of yoga can produce marvelous results on your body and mind.

For 13 printable yoga positions with pictures, click here.

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What Is Your Favorite Yoga Exercise?

Yoga exercises offer many benefits. If you could recommend only one yoga pose to your friends, what would it be?

What would you say is your favorite yoga exercise and why? Has it helped you gain flexibility, decrease pain, or increase strength? Share your advice with us!

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