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Also known as "How I 'Accidently' Started a Website and Changed My Life"

Shelley Silva - owner of Abs Exercise Advice website

A few years ago, in a life that now seems far, far away, I was looking for ways to earn money from home. One day, I stumbled across a free ebook called,"The Affiliate Masters Course". I literally couldn't stop reading it once I started and was up until the wee hours in the morning for a couple nights in a row. My husband probably thought I had gone crazy!

One of the reasons I got so excited was because for the first time, I realized that I could actually make money sharing what I know and love with others.

That's right ... I actually get paid to write this website about a topic, abs exercise, that I am both knowledgeable and passionate about. Most people don't know you can get paid to do this and that anyone can do it with the right tools ... more on that later.

What I learned was that through an all-inclusive web host called, Site Build It! (SBI), a complete beginner -- like me -- could build a website and succeed. SBI makes it easy -- it comes with an action guide, templates with a block by block webpage builder (no experience necessary!) and helps you rank well in the free search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Most importantly SBI showed me how I could earn some extra cash with my website.

The information on is free, and always will be.

SBI showed me how to earn a profit through affiliate programs and Google Ads. So, instead of this website costing me, it actually returns a profit.

So What's the Catch ... How Do I Get Paid?

Well, Google has a program called Adsense and you help them advertise by placing text ads on your information pages. Sometimes I earn 2 cents a click, sometime $2.

I have to tell you, it's not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and energy.

Since I was doing this very part time, it took me about 9 months to earn my first check with Google. Since then, I have earned a steady income... almost enough to make our mortgage payment each month at this time! That's definitely worth it to me.

Because of "life" and my busy schedule, I went 6 months without doing a single thing to my website and still received those same steady paychecks each month! That's because SBI does most of the hard work for me of submitting my website to the search engines.

I now believe so much in Site Build It, because I've seen it work and have tried other things without the same success, that I am starting on my fourth site and helping my husband launch a site of his own.

The best part is that I don't have to "sell" anything. I tried the network marketing/MLM companies before and didn't like the pressure to have to sell something. With SBI, all I do is write information on topics I enjoy and then share it with people who are actually interested in the topic instead of trying to "sell" something to all my friends and family where 90% aren't even interested. Much better!

Then, I just follow SBI's Action Guide on how to do it. Simple!

And believe me, I'm not the only one with a story like this. There are actually many people who build information sites for their full-time income! Each person chooses a topic that they are passionate about so there is a wide variety of topics. They range from computers to gardening to motorcycles.

See For Yourself....Cool Success Stories!

Here are two real life examples of how SBI has changed their lives!!
Check out these inspiring videos here...

Elad started SBI as a "hobby" and
earned $2000/month after only 6 months!!

Fun clip of another SBI webmater...

If you think you might be interested in making some money from home with a website of your own, take a look around SBI and all the success stories and decide if SBI is for you. It might just change your life like it did mine.

Thanks again for stopping by!


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