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Pawanmuktasan for digestive related problems.

by lata lavangare
(India )



Yogic asanas are very helpful in control of the body and mind. I started doing yoga after seeing the episode of Swami Ramdev on Astha channel. It was my grandma who adviced me to watch the show.

After watching that one episode I have joined a yoga center nearby my house. And it was a great experience. It has always helps me reviving my spirit. Well there are so many yoga asanas that would do wonders for health.

My favorite asana is pawanmuktasan. I like pawanmuktasan because it is very useful for the digestive system and aids digestion. It is usually done laying on your back with one leg raised to meet the chin, as far as possible. This is then repeated with the other leg. Exhale nearly 10-30 seconds while remaining in that same position. And then stretch the leg. The same has to be done 2-4 times.

Pawanmuktasan has lots health benefits. Like wise, it cures nearly all gynecological problems. It reduces obesity. It also helps to reduce heart disease and acidity. Though mornings are recommended since it fires you up with the energy for the rest of the day, but with the crazy modern schedules that people keep, it's great to do it at the part of the day that suits you the best!

Comments for Pawanmuktasan for digestive related problems.

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thanks a lot!!!
by: Anonymous

this is amazing.,

i tried for two days... i could breath well after doing this...


I'm glad you liked this topic!
by: Shelley

I'm glad you liked this topic! This is something one of my visitors submitted to this site, so I am not an expert on it.

If anyone else has more information on the Pawanmuktasan or where you can get more information, please share it!


Want more information
by: raj

This is very good document.
I want to know more on this.

How i will be able to know?

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