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How to Lose Belly Fat and Keep It Off for Life

learn how to lose belly fat

Learn how to lose belly fat with this step-by-step guide.

Learn how to lose belly fat and keep it off for life. The free report below reveals a complete fat burning plan to get real, true, amazing health and the flat stomach that comes with it.

The plan I'm about to reveal to you is not just a way to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach. It's not a one-time-fix-and-then-you-go-back-to-"normal" type of plan. It's not a list of "tips and tricks," gimmicks, or diet pills.

It's a complete lifestyle makeover designed to bring about real, true, amazing health.

The sexy body is just a perk. :)

You'll have tons of energy, you'll live longer, and your happiness will soar.

When you know how to lose belly fat, you can keep it off for the rest of your life.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, let's get to it!

How to Lose Belly Fat with a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet to lose belly fat is essential in helping you get a flat belly and improve your health. No amount of exercise can make up for an unhealthy diet. Any exercise program without a healthy diet to back it up is a waste of time.

How to Lose Belly Fat Tip: Healthy Diet

Some sources say a healthy diet is responsible for up to 80% of your weight lose success.

I'm sure you've heard "you have to eat a healthy diet" time and time again.

But what exactly is a healthy diet?

To lose belly fat, you have to cut out processed foods and follow a whole food diet.

How to Lose Belly Fat with a
Highly Effective, Well-Rounded Exercise Program

First, I have to say that you cannot spot reduce. You can spot train (do specific exercises to strengthen specific muscles), but your body decides where the fat comes off and when. To effectively lose belly fat, you have to incorporate an effective, well-rounded exercise program. As you lose fat all over, your stomach will get flatter, and your waist will get smaller.

A well-rounded exercise program consists of

  • cardio exercise,
  • weight training,
  • core exercises, and
  • stretching.

Relax ... it's not nearly as complicated as it seems, and the program I'm about to outline for you is the shortest, most effective exercise program you'll ever find.

How to Lose Belly Fat Tip: Exercise

Cardio Exercise: Many times, the reason people don't get the results they want from their exercise program is because it's just not intense enough to produce those results. This is true of the typical hour-long aerobics sessions so many people do.

While it may produce some results at first, it is slow going, takes forever, and quickly plateaus.

Who wants to spend all day working out?!

High intensity interval training (HIIT) works better and take less time.

Weight Training: Super slow weight training is also a type of high intensity interval exercise, but with weights instead of cardio exercises, and it produces many of the same health benefits.

If you haven't exercised at all in a while or if you've never done high intensity exercises, I recommend starting with super slow weight training to increase your muscle mass, skyrocket your metabolism, and reshape your body a quickly as possible.

If you don't like lifting weights, focus on high intensity interval training cardio exercises, instead.

If you're experienced with high intensity exercising, you can combine the two, and do high intensity weight training every other workout and high intensity cardio every other workout.

Remember: With high intensity interval training, allowing your body time to recover is even more important than with moderate intensity exercise. Do a high intensity workout no more than three times per week!

How to Lose Belly Fat Tip: Recovery

Core strengthening: This is where abs exercise comes in. As you can see, abs exercise makes up only a small part of how to lose belly fat. Your core is more than just your abs, though. It also includes your back and pelvic muscles.

It's very important to strengthen your entire core, not just your abdominal muscles, to keep them balanced. Otherwise, if you exercise only your abs and neglect the rest of your core muscles, you're likely to injure your back and cause yourself agonizing back pain.

Do your core strengthening at the end of your workout. You use your core muscles to help you keep proper form for all the other exercises you do, so you don't want to tire them at the beginning of your workout.

Stretching: Proper stretching is imperitive to improve flexibility and protect yourself from injuries and is best done at the end of a workout when your muscles are already warmed up. Yoga is my favorite stretching technique because it combines stretching, core strengthening, and stress reduction all into one. I'm a sucker for time saving strategies. :)

I like to do yoga both at the end of a high intensity interval training workout and on the days that I don't do a HIIT workout because

  1. I love it,
  2. it's relaxing, and
  3. so I get at least some exercise every day.

So then, I do a HIIT workout (either cardio or weights) 2-3 times per week and yoga every day.

That's about 30 minutes or less per day.

If it's a really crazy-busy day, you could even cut down your HIIT workout to just one or two intervals and save even more time there and still get in a great workout.

No more hour-long treks on the treadmill to nowhere!

How to Lose Belly Fat Tip: No More Treadmill

How to Lose Belly Fat by Reducing Stress

Too much stress causes your brain to release cortisol, a hormone that increases fat storage particularly around your midsection.

How to Lose Belly Fat Tip: Reduce Stress

Eating a healthy diet reduces neurological toxins in your brain, improving your ability to handle stress effectively.

Exercising burns off cortisol and stimulates the release of endorphins, reducing stress even more.

Other stress relief techniques, like meditation and breathing exercises, can help reduce stress even more.

I like to combine long-term techniques, like meditation, with immediate, in-the-moment stress relief techniques, like The Sedona Method and EFT, to create a relaxed, go-with-the-flow type of life.

How to Lose Belly Fat by Training Your ABS

ABS stands for

  • Attitude -- A health mindset that causes you to automatically make the choices that make you healthy.
  • Brain Power -- If you believe that you can reach your fitness goals, your Brain Power will find a way to make that happen.
  • Spirit -- Combine Attitude and Brain Power, and you get Spirit. When you approach life with a health mindset and believe you can achieve your fitness goals, you will persevere with tenacity, stubbornness, courage, and strength of purpose.

To learn more about ABS, click on the little question mark icon.

The most important variable in your fat burning plan is your brain.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right. ~ Henry Ford

If you think you can't do it ...

If you think you're not worth it ...

If you think you don't have time ...

If you think it's too hard ...

... no matter how much you supposedly want it, you will always find ways to sabotage yourself. You have to change your way of thinking to successfully change your body.

Paraliminals can help you strengthen your Attitude, Brain Power, and Spirit, so you can successfully reach your health and fitness goals. All you do is relax and listen for 20 minutes.


Now that you know how to lose belly fat, there's nothing stopping you from getting started today.

Listen, this is not about getting sexy. Sure, that'll happen as you get healthy, and that's all well and good if that's what you want.

But what I want for you is for you to be able to wake up in the morning and realize, "Man, I feel good!"

Will you start today? If not now, then when?

I want you to be able to look in the mirror and brim with confidence about the way you look, instead of hiding behind baggy, shapeless clothes hoping nobody notices how self-conscious you really feel.

I want you to be able to take your kids out to the park and run around with them, instead of having to tell them, "I'm just too tired" ... again.

Please, please, please ... I'm telling you ... this plan really works. It's about health ... real, true, amazing health. The kind of health that spills out of you, so the people around you can't help but notice how happy and excited about life you are.

I know if you've never had that, you might not believe that it's really possible, but it is.

I want that for you.

Do you?

I'm not charging you any money for this information. I'm giving it to you freely. I'm not asking anything from you except that you use it, and when you see how much your life improves, maybe drop me a little note to tell me your story. I would love to cheer you on.

Now that you know how to lose belly fat, will you get started today?

If not now, then when?

If there is something keeping you from getting started today ...

If after reading this plan, you still don't know where or how to start ...

Or maybe if something in this plan was confusing or unclear ...

... drop me a note, and let me know why you're not getting started today. I will do whatever I can to help you get past your hurdles and get you racing down the track toward better health.

~ ABS Lady

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