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26 Hours In Labor And Still Had A C-Section!

by Maria
(Porterville, CA, USA)

I began having contractions early that day and not until midnight they started getting worse 5 minutes apart, after 3 hours of that my water broke at home, immediately went hospital, they checked me, And yes I was in Labor not dilated at all they admitted me and there it began I was in labor with full contractions for 26 hours until the on call doctor decide to perform a c-section on me because the baby was facing my pelvic bone baby never turned and was putting the baby under stress.

The c section went great. The recovery was not so great after going home from the hospital. My incision did not heal as planned and was starting to develop a small infectionwhich was caught on time all this because of remaining really active and not resting as I was instructed by the MD , But who has time for that with a newborn right. Just some advice for new moms who had a c-section Rest as much as possible, that way you will heal up faster and bleeding will stop sooner.

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that make me feel better
by: glendis

My story was just like that maybe a few more hrs. in labor. It was so disappointing, my doctors never showed up; I have to have it with the Dr that was on call.. argggg. The part that made me more upset was that went they broke my water, I said I wanted the epidural so they went ahead and applied which wasn't easy at all. It took the anesthesiologist 45 min because my lumbar spine was too tight; and like 30 min later she called the c section... oh well she could have thought about it before made me go through the hell of the needle in my spine. Thanks God maybe is fine, and I am fine... but the whole process was one I wish I can forget about.

Similar story

My story is very similar i had 17 hours of labour and 3 hours of labour and was then told i had to have a cesarean! My waters broke before contractions but within two hours they were coming every 3 minutes! when i got to the hospital they stopped! it was decided i needed a hormone drip which brought them back however after becomng fully dilated and three hours of pushing my son would not budge any further down the birth canal! I was totally unprepared and my recovery is still ongoing. My scar kept reopening and is still not healed at all in places (just over 5 weeks after delivery!)
I still find clothes rub and im not able to be myself! i also developed an infection which was also caught in time but has set the healing process back!

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