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The Stomach is back!!!!

by Jame Konakowitz
(Santa Clarita, Ca 91351)

My stomach in 8 months of using!

My stomach in 8 months of using!

I am a massage therapist with my own office. I have lots of down time in between clients. I use the the AB Rocker during the day right at my office.

I have two Ab Rockers to use. I got them at a yard sale close to my office. People never took them out of the box. Plastic was still around the units. Good for me!!!

I think these have been out for over 10 years or more.

Well anyway, I took them over and out at my office. I started watching the workout video VHS that came with the package. (This is 20 years old unit with VHS :)!)

Anyway. This product really works. I was a size 42" waist with love handles at 280 lbs. 60 years old with belly hanging over the belt line around 4" (Discussing.) Now after a year of using the Ab Rocker. Just 500 nice and easy reps per day Holding it down for a second or two. Only about 5 mins. My waist went down to a 36" waist. My love handles went away. I am a 60 year old guy. My stomach or gutt was hanging over the belt line like about 4" (Very bad) The Ab Rocker the way you use it. Tighten all that up. I believe it makes the stomach work in that area from the belly button down to the groin area. When I stand up after using the AB Rocker the flab tightens up and is gone now. I did not actually loose weight but just around the belly area. It makes the stomach stronger to hold your gut in. It is easy to use also. Also feels great for the lower back. This was and is a great workout machine. Only people need to give it a honest try. Somedays I use the machine 3 to 4 times more. It is so easy to use. I use it for stress. It helps me blow off some stress.

Sure Glad I got the two from the yard sale. I will use them for awhile. This is a very good machine. If you find one. Get it.

Also I notice, because it moves your intestines inside I believe. It made my number 2 cycle increase and feel better everyday. Drink lots of water after each use of the AB Rocker. Lots of toxins are being let go. I feel better inside because the AB Rocker.

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