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Exercise Therapy for Ischemic Back Pain

by Sensei Adam Rostocki
(NY, NY)

Exercise therapy for ischemic back pain is perhaps the very best use of physical therapy for any dorsopathy condition. While exercise therapy is often prescribed as a common treatment modality for a wide range of back pain conditions, many patients and physicians alike are not quite sure what the activity is supposed to accomplish.

Spinal causes for back pain will not benefit from exercise therapy. Osteoarthritis, herniated discs and spinal stenosis are 3 typical conditions treated with physical therapy techniques. Exercise will not cure the underlying causes of these conditions, yet many patients do experience relief from their exercise regimens. In these cases, the diagnosed condition might actually not be the source of pain, which explains why exercise is very effective as a symptomatic treatment.

The most common and often misdiagnosed cause of back pain is cellular oxygen deprivation. This type of ischemia related back pain tortures millions of patients with chronic suffering which is rarely correctly identified. Ischemia is caused by vascular constriction of the vessels serving a regional area. All the living tissue in the anatomical region is affected, including muscles, nerves and ligaments. Typical symptoms include numbness, tingling and weakness at low levels of oxygen deprivation and intense pain and muscular spasms during high levels of ischemic activity.

Exercise works so well to relieve the symptoms of this condition since it increases circulation and therefore cellular oxygenation, especially in the muscles and neurological tissues serving those muscles. The most effective form of exercise for treating ischemic pain is cardiovascular training which works the major muscle groups and raises the heart rate significantly.

If you are a patient who experiences back pain relief from exercise therapy, but can not find a real cure for your condition, there is a good chance that your condition has also been misdiagnosed. Learn more about ischemia back pain and you will see why exercise has worked so well for you. Despite its efficacy as a treatment, exercise can not cure this condition. To enact a real cure, you must determine the physical or psychosomatic source of the oxygen deprivation and find the correct treatment to rectify that problematic causation.

Author Biography:

Sensei Adam Rostocki suffered with severe and debilitating misdiagnosed back pain for 18 years. Sensei has devoted his life to helping patients who can not find relief for their chronic pain. Sensei Rostocki is the author of the best selling self help books, “Cure Back Pain Forever” (ISBN 978-1-59971-997-9) and “Truly Beautiful: The Mind/Body/Spirit Approach to Plastic Surgery” (ISBN 978-1-4276-2968-5), as well as the interactive website, Cure-Back-Pain.Org. Here you can find hundreds of free articles on a wide variety of Back Pain conditions.

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