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Abs Exercise: The Food Additive Connection?

by Doris Temple

You do abs exercise for that nice toned look. Do you ever feel it's an uphill battle?

Well, you're probably right. The food you eat can and will affect the success you experience. And I don't just mean carbs.

Would you be surprised to learn that food additives actually contribute to not only weight gain, but to how you look and feel.


It's true, Let's take a look at just some of the 2000 plus approved food additives.

Hydrogenated vegetable oils and trans fats have been making news lately. Manufacturers are promoting 0 trans fat for some of their products. But, is this good enough?

Man created these oils. They are not beneficial to you. They raise your bad cholesterol.

Hydrogenated oils don't have the essential fatty acids your body needs for all body functions. Not only don't you get nutrients from them, they actually block your absorption of nutrients.

Your body needs the nutrients in fat. So, what is the body's response?

Eat. That's right. These fake oils make you keep eating because the body is hungry for the nutrients.

Try this...

Remove hydrogenated vegetable oils from your diet and see how you feel and respond.

If you want chips, go for organic. This is because removing trans fat is still leaving hydrogenated oil.

Moving on...

We have monosodium glutamate or msg. Called a flavour enhancer. This chemical can cause an addictive effect making you crave foods contain it.

Other adverse effects complained of are headaches, migranes, flushing, pain and nausea. The FDA requires that this ingredient be identified on the label.

And to top off it's effects...

Scientists use msg to make lab rats fat so they can study obesity and obesity products. You see, these creatures aren't naturally fat.

Next there's aspartame. This has become the sweetener of choice for many people watching their weight.

This chemical additive is responsible for 92 various complaints to the FDA. Among them is slow steady weight gain.

For a closer look at other health related conditions caused by additives to food go to www.mom-going-organic-sensibly.com.

Another culprit to weight gain is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Not to be confused with the pure corn syrup you find on store shelves.

No, HFCS is man made. The food industry's answer to the high sugar prices in the 1970's.

Since then, it has made its way into most everything. Even pasta sauce. Would you even think of sweetening your pasta sauce? I wouldn't.

This additive will cause weight gain and cravings. Kind of sheds some light on society's weight problem, don't you think?

So, what are you to do...

First, continue with your ab-exercises. You are on the right track and the next actions will give you a boost.

Second, eliminate foods with hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, msg, and aspartame.

Next, reduce processed foods in your diet by increasing fresh fruits and vegetables.

You may choose to use organic products instead of conventional processed foods. This is a good move. However, processed organic foods are still processed. Your body will thrive on wholesome foods. And your rewards last a lifetime.

Copyright 2008 Doris Temple

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