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5 Fun Tips For Getting Your Exercise

by Adam

One morning you wake up and decide that today is the day you're going to start exercising. The first day you feel great after doing a few minutes of exercise. It's a start. After two weeks you're excited. You're really doing this! Four weeks later, you're making excuses. The excitement is gone and so is your exercise routine. What happened?

Most likely you got bored with the routine. It's time you get some fun into your workout! As a kid, you used to get a lot of exercise. However, back then you called it play and you loved it! So why not put some fun back into your routine and get healthy in the process?

Here are a few tips to help you get the exercise you need without the boredom.

Get your mind away from the minutes, miles per hour, repetitions and calories. Find out instead what makes you tick. Know what makes you move and build on this to find or create the most mind-engaging and exhilarating workouts of your life.

Have a second childhood! This doesn't mean you should act like a kid, but think back to those things that you love to do as a child. Have you always loved swimming or taking a hike? There are lots of children's games that have turned into fun sports nowadays.

Do it with a friend (or two)! Nothing makes you get out and do something more than having a friend there to join in the fun and motivate you. Your friend doesn't even have to be human. Dogs can be great exercise companions, especially when you intend to run, walk or hike your way to health.

Get in the "zone". Athletes commonly do this. Induction of this mental state is actually one of the reasons why you feel great after a mind-engaging exercise. This takes some practice though. But, getting in the "zone" can help reduce stress and anxiety and increase immune response. It also helps increase the duration and quality of your sleep.

Get something out of it - other than a fit body! Some people have turned their exercise routine into a money making opportunity. Whether for charity or your own personal profit, it's all good at the end of the day.

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