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This Abs Exercise Caused My Daughter Back Pain

An ab exercise that is popular among many high school had given my daughter, now 28 years old back problems since she was a junior. In this exercise, the student-athlete lies on the ground with their hands behind their head, fingers laced. The student then raises legs to form a 90 degree angle to the body. At a specified time, the coach yelled drop, and the students drop their legs to about six inches from the floor. They then hold this position for as long as possible.

There are several problems with this exercise as I see it. First of all, there is no support for the back. Considerable strain is put upon the back during the rapid dropping of legs and when they are being held from the floor.

Second, this only works a very few of the abdomen muscles. Finally, the kids had no notice as to when the dropping of the legs was to take place. They were not prepared and I believe this added to the injuries.

My daughter was asked to do this exercise during soccer season. After the first day she began to experience back pain. It was several weeks before we were able to attribute the pain to this specific exercise.

If your child is asked to do an exercise such as this, I would strongly encourage you to have them not participate. Life long pain could result!

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yeah, but...it's not the exercise
by: fitbalance

Far be it from me to critisize coaches but ... being a trainer means you understand what hurts and what works, and sadly, I've seen too many coaches not humane enough to be concerned about risk. They only care about results. But you should consider that the core conditioning level amoung the youth population is so poor many of the sixty-year olds in my programs can surpass sixteen year olds.

I donated my services to my local high-school football program and discovered that I could do more pikes and push-ups on a physio ball than the football players even though I'm a fifty something female who's had a fractured spine and a herniated disk at L-5.

ACL injuries are rampant in teenage athletes because of poor core strength.

Had the coach explained to your daughter and her teammates that the second their low-backs lifted off the ground, they were done with that set, the problems would've been avoided.

How can your daughter get out of pain? Core training.

And if she's had structural damage ... more core training.

In my back care classes, students never get off their backs until they can engage deep spinal support muscles.

To get strong enough to be pain-free in gravity, train without it first. Pilates is one of the most effective techniques for this.

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