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The Best Gift of All!

by Jeffrey Weiss
(Farmington Hills, MI)

Before picture

Before picture

I would like to share my story hoping it will help one or more individuals. Approximately 5 years ago, I received the most devastating news. I learned my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and faced treatment and surgeries in the upcoming months.

At that time, I was a 42 year old man with two sons ages 15 and 12. I was equally as ill as my wife yet in a different way. I weighed over 425 pounds, was pushing out of a size 58 waist pant and found difficulty performing many every day to day activities that many take for granted such as walking, tying my shoe and even fitting in many normal sized chairs.

At that time, I was "told" by my parents that they were fearful their grandchildren would be orphans and they were paying for my bariatric surgery. This was the breaking point in my life. Although I knew I was heavy, I never fully realized I was THAT big. Hearing those words made me angry, scared and unsure what lied ahead.

I knew in my heart that surgery was not right for me. My motivation was my family. Yes, I made changes to my eating habits but the key components were sensible choices realistic goals and knowing that the weight did not come off in one day and it won't diminish in one day either.

I will not detail my eating program here but suffice to say that one day turned into one week. One week turned into one month. One month turned into three.

Then one year, two years, 3 and 4. For those reading this, please understand that I accomplished this with no designated program, nutritionist, personal trainer, TV show or large prize for the most weight lost . It was a learning process and trust me I made my share of mistakes along the way.

Currently, I am 47 years young, weigh 175 pounds, and comfortably fit into a 32 inch waist pant and have included a few before/after pictures as well.

Best news of all is that my wife is cancer free. I also need to clarify one statement mentioned above.


Kindest regards,

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