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Stretch to prevent any major injuries during sports

I personally stretch to prevent any major injuries during sports. I look at stretching like I'm warming up my muscles, kind of like eating a good breakfast to get yourself going in the morning, just for your muscles.

My routine is to start with legs, doing toe touches for about 10-15 seconds. Then sitting and spreading legs and reaching for each also 10-15 seconds. Then I normally do lunges, for about 10 yards forward, then 10 yards backwards. After that I normally go to high toe touch, which is where you go 10 yards kicking with alternate legs.

After that I go ten yards making the back of my heels hit my butt as fast as I can. After than I do a thing we call inch worm. You get in push up form, then inch your legs up until your in a toe touch position. After this I will do small arm exercises like arm circles, holding each arm in from of each other.

Then to end of each time I stretch I'll do about 3-5 sets of sprints. First one at about 75%, then 85%, 95%, and then one at 100%, only about 10-15 yards. After this I will start whatever sport, activity I am going to do. Hope this helps.

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