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by Pamala
(College Station, Texas, USA)

Ok, I'm going to make this short and sweet. Honestly, I am a big girl and I know what it is like to wake up everyday and do wishful thinking when it comes to your weight. I been right where some of you are and maybe even worse. I'm skeptical of everything when it comes to weight loss....but you know what I did is take my weight and health in my own hands. I went and got a package of green tea pills...caps....by Applied Nutrition. They are soft gel and pack a potent amount of green tea and EEG. Guys, I wanted to see if there would be even the slightest change just to say....here we go again....but I was thrown for a loop. I was losing weight and did not even know it. I was taking two pills in the morning and two in the evening, but for me, they had me a bit jittery so I went to three a day...breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was losing the weight so fast, I didnt even know I was really losing it until one day, I honestly went to the store to get a new pair of jeans.....I just needed some new clothes. I usually wear size 24/26. So this particular day, they had a cute pair of jeans and the largest size they had was a 22...so I got pissed but I said, well I will try them on anyway...and LORD, I almost fell out....I got right in them....no problem. Then I went and just for the fun of it, I tried on the size 20 and I just started crying cause I could wear them. My heart start racing and I was so in shock that I bought the 22 just in case it was some kind of weird fluke I was going through. So I went home, got undressed....and there it was....in the mirror....the little puckers in my legs where fat USE to be. I had never noticed it before. So as im standing there looking at my legs that were ugly in the thighs but such a joy to watch that there was no fat there, I realized at that point that green tea was truly doing what it said. I had not changed a diet, exercised, or do anything different. I had been taking them faithfully all summer long and by the time September got here, I had lost 52lbs, so take it from me....this is one product that DOES work.


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Green tea supplements. NEW
by: Megan

Your story is purely inspiring! Well done on all that weight loss! How long were you taking them for? How long did it take you to lose all of that weight?! How many exactly were you taking a day and at what times of day? Before or after meals? Does it even matter? I'm desperate to shed some weight! Are you in America or the UK?.. I'd like to buy some of the pills you were taking. Is there a link that could lead me to them? Many thanks if you could answer all my annoying questions. Dont worry, im fully aware I rambled on! Aha.
Megan x

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