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One side of my abs are bigger than the other

by will

what if 1 side of my abs are bigger than the other. How do I fix that? It is my right side that is smaller.

Looks something like this...

__ __
__ ~~
__|__ <- not exactly like that but the top 2 of the six are out of proportion.. or so it seems.


One think to think about...have your abs always been this way or is this a result of an injury?

One thing you could do is focus on your right side abdominals. For an oblique crunch you would bring your right elbow to your left knee. You could also do a right side plank or right side bends.

Hope that helps!

Comments for One side of my abs are bigger than the other

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Left abs smaller then right NEW
by: Anonymous

I didnt notice my abs were not symmetrical till i saw them from a different angle in the mirror. they kinda look like
Left- [][ ]-Right
[][ ]
[ ][ ]
I want to get my abs even but im not sure how to approach it

abs NEW
by: Anonymous

My abs are wierd there's 4on the right and 3 on the left and it isn't genetics because they used to beeven and have the same number on both sides.
heres an illustration

my abs aren't even NEW
by: Anonymous

this is how my abs look like ( )()
( )( )
( )( )
my abs aren't even my right side is perfect but my left side dosen't look right it looks like i have a 5 pac because my top let ab it really small what should i do? plz email me about this at sagar.amin11@yahoo.co.uk plz help

surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

i had surgery a year ago and i started working out this year and now my right side ab is starting to get bigger and bigger than my left is it because of surgery or is it possible i can strengthen my left side?

lopsided abs NEW
by: Anonymous

idk i have the same problem i just started working out my stomach and while working out i noticed that my right middle ab is bigger than my left and its really noticeable and im worried any one know how to fix it

aaa NEW
by: Anonymous

My body is like this
()( )
( )( )
( )( )
it is fucking mess what should I do?
here is my email if someone could help me :

Honestly try this NEW
by: Anonymous

Do some sit ups with your knees angled more to the left and then more to the right. Keep going till you feel what abb muscles are being worked the most.
Angled to the left \\ it should build your right abbs
Angled to the right. // your left abbs
Then do whichever combination of sit ups, crunches or leg raises using your legs angle to work the abbs you want.

Onside abs, other obliques NEW
by: Blackrose

On the side of my abs, they stick out, but on the other side, they are flat and I hav obliques in the flat side while on the side with more abs I don't hav obliques, I workout just about everyday, I do sit ups and crunches, but my abdominals stay the same, i don't care about having them being visible, but if they are I don't want them to look retarted, please help!

5 abs?
by: Jimmy

I am 16 years old and it seems i have two bigger abs on one side and three smaller abs on the other side. Any advices?

Abs Uneven
by: Anonymous

I'm 16 years old and always train my abs as 1, I don't focus on one side I just train them all by doing situps but the top two abs on the left side of my body are bigger than the right side. why is this?

arrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i live in pain
by: it's me again

fu** my self, i hate this fucking stupid body,

i tried to build it and gain musckes cos i was skinny, but i got f*cked bcos my right chest muscle is about triple or twice size of my leeft ab, i 'am cursed or what, or some jealous one did his job correctly and screwed me up, i can't wear tight tshirts anymore, i can only wear large hiphop to hide that issue, or i'll be a joke
what i'am gonna do plz help me

and here is my facebook profile


if u wanna share ur sad feeling if u had this problem, or give me an advice,
will a surgery help!!!!!!!!! i noticed that my (i dnt know it's name in englishà it's the part under my neck and up of my abs where my hands up fixed started to seem getting a way bit larger like my left abs, idk, in another year if i keep gym maybe i'll look like a handicapped idiot

before i was alot much better ann satisified

[ ]
in one year other i'll be like it

by: Anonymous

when i did my crunches I would lean my right knee slightly towards the left. And I would work my right side of my abs harder than my left. Now my left side the second ab down is extremely smaller. How can I fix this.

oh no..
by: jonathon woods

it could be a herina ... sadly i just realised yesterday i had the same thing... the irratation annoys me and scares me so much :'( im gonna see my dr tonight to find out if i need to be cut open .... but add me if u wanna know what he said jonathonwoodsfansite (a) hotmail com

by: Anonymous

Well one thing I've learned in this situation, that one can try over working there right side resulting in tears, and injury. My suggestion is make sure you are properly doing your crunches. Hope it helps.

by: Anonymous

Well one thing I've learned in this situation, that one can try over working there right side resulting in tears, and injury. My suggestion is make sure you are properly doing your crunches. Hope it helps.

my left ab growing faster
by: help too

my abs are like this

( )( ) as you can see it's larger on the left and have more muscle i mean more full and this getting more noticeble and they have the same power, that s weird and when i try to focus on my right ab i don't feel it working i feel the pain in left and it's getting larger in ab working exercise
these days i'am focusing on it a lot but no thing new just gettiing worse i guess
i should stop gym i gues
note i stopeed a month and that make it worser so i wont stop and dare this god curse(but thank god any way

adn another new prob is the left muscle of my back

( )
| |
| | any way seems like that the left muscle is growing faster
as long they were normal before entering gym

whyyy , i 'am starting to hate my body

How my abs also got wierd
by: Anonymous

My light abs used to be perfectly proportional,less than a year ago I started feeling occasional stomach twisted-like pains during and after sprinting or running sessions outdoors on uneven grounds(jungles,rocks,etc). The more the occasional pains became painful(with time)the more my top-right ab got bigger. Im still in my teenage years and I havnt asked any doctors yet since Im not proud of whats happening to my abs,if anyone finds out a cure I would please like to know,I dont wanna grow up like this

position your situps
by: Anonymous

i actually think it has to do with your sit-up position so let me try to recommend something if one side is bigger try sitting slanted if your feet are anchored while doing sit-ups for example if your right side is slightly bigger try being slanted like this ____ and if your left is _____
\ /
otherwise just try to me completely straight for an even spread slight differences are not to be concerned since all our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical

by: london

i work out my abs alot ill sit there working only my left and my righ side is still hgher and tighter than the left what to do?

double reps on the weak side.
by: Anonymous

I have been doing twice the amount of reps on the smaller side than the bigger side. Just started so I'll see how it goes.

by: Anonymous

mine are wierd too. my top right ab is bigger the the top left.my middle left ab is bigger than right middle. the bottoms are the same. can someone give some excersises to fix.

by: eddie

my left handside i can see/feel the abdominals however on the right i cant see the top 2 and can only just feel them do i just need to work more on the right side?

by: Anonymous

(6) my abs kinda look like that but i cant c the top right 1, n they dont line up with the other 1s on the other side

by: Anonymous

no one has perfect abdominals,

one side of abs are way bigger than the other
by: very annoyed

my abs are always way more sore on the right side than the other. and the right side is always a lot more sore the day after. when i try to focus on my left side, it doesnt feel like their getting worked very hard however my right abs are the exact oppisite and i have literally no idea what to do....help please

i Trust
by: GHOST...

my lower abs .R. BIG..... REAL BIG..

Can you help me?
by: Crooked Abs

I have a similar problem ( 1 )( 2 )
( 3 )( 4 )
( 5 )( 6 )
Ab muscle 1 (right side) is noticeable smaller than 2. We're talking about a 30% difference. So what exercise do I do to even it out? More oblique v-ups on one side? Or just leaning...if I use it more will it increase in size? I was thinking about getting a single ab implant over the top of it. Any thoughts?

Same Situation
by: Caleb

Mine very similar, although it looks like a 6-pack on my left and a 4-pack on my right...so I have a 5-pack total. And my right side is larger/sticks out farther than the left, if that makes sense. I have tried working my right side more, but I'm afraid that it won't help give me the 3-pack on that side, that it would only make them bigger and stay as 2. Would you suggest I keep working the right side more, or do you have any different ideas?


by: Anonymous

my are the same the right side is biger but i notised when i do situps i lean more to my left side so i started leaning more to the right and it has started to help so just try working out your right side and do a few extra reps more when you work out it will take a whil but if you wont to get them even fast do workouts only mint for the right side becaus even then your left still is worked somewhat

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