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My Two C-Sections

I had two c-sections for both of my boys. My first son was delivered by c-section two weeks after my due date. This was a planned c-section because as I was getting close to my due date, my son moved into a breeched position and he was estimated to be over 10 pounds.

I never really had a labor pains with him other than braxton-hicks contractions. Post c-section, my recovery was essentially uneventful. I was 21 at the time. I chose not to breast feed and just remember taking a pill everyday to help with "drying up the breast milk" giving me horrible cramps. During this time, the doctor also discovered an ovarian cyst that was apparantly fairly large.

The "skin" incision is a vertical one to allow for removal of the ovarian cyst. The incision made into the uterus was horizontal for the reason of being able to allow to have a VBAC (or vaginal birth after c-section) if I chose to. There were staples along the incision which were removed within 10 days.

I was able to begin exercising in 6 weeks after the delivery. My second son was also delivered by c-section 5 years later. I did attempt a VBAC but never dilated even with a pitocin drip to induce labor. This was also scheduled.

The doctor told me that because my son was large, 9 lbs 4 oz, my uterus did not have room to actually contract and allow for dilation. I tried from 8 am to 11 pm that evening before eventually having another c-section. I always felt like I missed out on something by not delivering vaginally. But after I was on that pitocin drip for the whole day, I soon came to my senses that child birth really has nothing to do with how much pain the mother endured, it is about the health and life of the baby.

My recovery post this c-section was not quite as smooth. I was a little older and had another child. I had problems with very foul smelling blood that seemed to gush out a couple of different times. My doctor told me it was old pockets of blood and that it was fine. Of course, I thought I was hemorrhaging at the time. Again, the doctor made an incision along the same original scars as my first one.

Exercise was able to start 6 weeks after my surgery. However, to be honest, I wasn't really an exerciser to begin with. My biggest advice is that right after surgery, don't sit around too much and allow yourself to get stiff. Everything including the incisional pain seemed to be less if you made yourself get up and walk around about every 30 minutes or so. Of course, when you have a newborn, you are probably doing that anyway.

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4wks and counting
by: Pynklipz

Your experience sounds EXACTLY like mine with my 10lb baby boy who came after midnight when I was induced at 8am that morning!!!

I gained 40lbs with that one and vowed not to do that again if I decided to have another. I'm due for my 2nd c-section in 4wks and have gained 18lbs so far. I'm going to do things differently this time. I didn't move around enough and got lazy the first time. Didn't lose the weight until over a year later when I rejoined the gym...I'm still in the gym 3-4 days a week now!!!

Great advice ladies...I'll keep you posted!

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