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My question about abs and leg workouts

by Ron

I recently started doing abs and legs in my workout routine. Legs would include squats and dead lifts. Then I would do abs... (crunches, leg lifts, push throughs, elbow to knees, etc.) Then my lower back muscles started hurting. Not sure if it is from the dead lifts or ab workout. Is it normal to have some lower back muscle pain, if your core is weak?


My first suggestion is to check out this page and try the press up exercise.


If it takes away your lower back soreness, then I would make sure you do it before and after you exercise. If the soreness continues, it may be the exercises that are flexing your spine (crunches, knee to chest, etc.) are aggravating you lower back.

Sometimes the exercises you start with are too advanced, especially if your core is really weak. So, you might want to start with some exercises that are easier. A few core exercises that aren't as difficult on your back are here:

Low back strengthening exercises

Another culprit could be tight muscles. The hamstrings especially can pull on your back if they are tight. Check out some stretching exercises here:

Back stretching exercises

If your symptoms persist, I would suggest consulting with your doctor.

Good luck!

Helping you reach your fitness potential,

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