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Military weight loss story

I was going into the military. I was a mother of two and I was barely passing my tapping. The running was very bad on my knees and ankles. So I decided that if I loss a few pounds I would feel better. My goal was to lose at least 20 to 30 pounds this would bring me from 172 to 140.

I changed my eating habits a lot. I started with a glass of grapefruit (no sugar) and a fruit. Grapefruit is great for eating up the fat. A salad for lunch (chicken, tuna, fruit and etc.) And a wonderful dinner of my choice.

I worked out 3 times a day. A power walk in the morning, muscular failure at noon time and a slow jog in the evening. (5 days a week) Be sure to rest during the weekend. I also took Apple Cider vinegar pills 3 times a day with plenty of water.

Within a month and a half I had lost about 30 pounds. This diet was great. I went into the military looking great. I am working on that diet as we speak.

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