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Magic Bullet Blender...A lovely piece o crud

by Yahya (& Dana)

We were so excited when we finally received our Magic Bullet Blender. The cool things are the mugs and the size of the unit itself... but THAT'S IT!

First of all, the thing is so incredibly loud it gives me a headache, I swear you can hear it down the street! Second, The oval/"bullet" design of the blending canisters causes food to get stuck at the top; every 2 seconds I have to take the thing off and shake down the ingredients (very annoying).

In fact, I really doesn't do a good job with ANY food unless its liquid. On that same note, remember how the commercial says, "one...two...three.. perfectly chopped onions in three seconds", I was so excited to never chop onions again...so you can imagine how sad I was when I realized not only do you have to cut the onion into small pieces to fit in the narrow canister, you cannot CHOP anything; the unit liquefies everything you put in it.

Our first unit burned out, the company sent us another one... which I put in the way back of the cupboard so my husband would forget we had it (the noise it makes drives me crazy!!). SAVE YOUR MONEY AND BUY A REAL BLENDER/FOOD PROCESSOR!

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I concur NEW
by: RHolt

I too am a gourmet cook. I can rapid chop vegetables like a chef, slice, dice, chiffonade, and julienne. I have made puff pastry and pie dough with a food processor, and can whip egg whites by hand, or make a genoise batter with a hand blender. In other words: I know my stuff, I have finesse, and I know my appliances better than Mick and Mimi on the Magic Bullet commercial.

I concur that the Magic Bullet unit liquefies everything. If you put in a course cut onion expecting it to finely chop it, you'll end up with onion juice!

It's even hard to pulse the unit because it wants to go into the locked position as soon as you press down on it.

Now, I only have the basic unit purchased from a hardware store and it only came with the large container. I'm not sure if having the smaller container would help.

Regardless, the unit will not work as easily as it appears on TV. At least not in turns of chopping as you would to make a salsa.

A food processor, even a cheap one, will do a better job of cutting, slicing, shredding, and blending and will be a lot more versatile and forgiving.

The Magic Bullet is nothing more than a blender posing as a do-it-all appliance. In that sense, it is good for mixing an individual portion of protein shake, or a smoothie, but not much else.

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