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Losing Weight Off My Hips

by M. Berry

Being slim my whole life and not ever having to exercise, karma caught up with me when I turned 45. After 2 years of gradually broadening at the hips, right along with the best of educated-should-know-better-women, I began to notice that the compliments on my "outfit", "new capri pants" (I know I'm dating myself, but you middle age moms can hear me loud and clear, I'm sure)...were just not there any more. I was becoming invisible in that way.

Well, when my son and his father went to Europe to visit family for 2 weeks, I was a bit at a loss and used that "limited" time span to lose weight.

This is what I did: I scheduled myself at work for as many hours as available, groveling for more every day by just reminding the manager that if anything else comes up, please call etc.

In the mornings, I had 2 cups of coffee and a glass of water and a vitamin. At lunch I ate one yogurt, non fat - any brand. Then, for dinner everyday, I really did go to the local Subway and get a 12 inch veggie-no cheese on whole wheat with baked potato chips and drank water. I'd eat 1/2 right away and save the other half for during a movie or something later that evening.

I did 100 leg lifts every night while watching TV. Now, I know it is not totally sound, but I didn't starve myself and without the meat or cheese, it really was a very light meal in my stomach even though it was at the end of the day.

The routine and the limited 2 week period to see if my son and his father noticed when they returned was the motivation that helped. I lost 10 pounds and it seemed to all come off my hips! It was noticeable.

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