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Health Walker

by Kryss
(Haddam, CT)

My favorite piece of home exercise equipment is my health walker because it is simple, and I can stick to using it every day.

It is a "Gazel" type machine, solid metal construction. It is shaped like an upside down "V". It is white with burgundy and black attachments.It has two lifted foot pedals that you glide back and forth as if walking but without stressing your joints. It also has arm grips, for balance and burning extra calories/toning. It has a step & calorie counter as well to keep you motivated to push yourself, or just to let you know when your done (if you had set a goal of a certain number of steps a day). I got it for free from someone who was not using it.

Some of the Cons for this piece of equipment are:

*It is heavy and takes up a lot of space
*Does not have a drink holder.

Some of the Pros for this piece of equipment are:

*Silent, easy, and non jarring
*Can be done any time and in any type of weather,whereas outside activities can not.
*It can also double as a towel drier, as long as you still use it as exercise equipment too!

I have made it a point to get on the machine everyday, even if it is only for 15 minutes, it is too easy to do to think of an excuse not exercise.

Comments for Health Walker

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Battery NEW
by: Anonymous

how do you get the batteries out

Computer NEW
by: Anonymous

Please could you tell where I can get a replacement computer for my health Walker.???

Perfect all weather walker NEW
by: Anonymous

My Logic System was a Freebie from dear Grandma who could no longer use it (but had apparently). Great unit that I have used nigh every day since I got it two months ago and have already walked hundreds of miles on it. Problem: the counter apparatus is broken/disconnected internally though there was the faintest info inside the unit box upon first use. And what is the purpose of the plug on the right side coming out of the frame (it appears)? Is there a manual available for reference to repairs?

health walker plus NEW
by: Anonymous

Does the health walker plus fold up? How do you do it?

health walker plus NEW
by: Anonymous

Does the health walker plus fold up? How do you do it?

health walker plus NEW
by: Anonymous

Does the health walker plus fold up? How do you do it?

Step counter/ Health Walker TS2200 NEW
by: Anonymous

Just purchased used Health Walker - step counter isn't working - replaced batteries Any thoughts
- replacement? where?
- subsitute? What?

vaughn_pa at yahoo dot com

health walker parts NEW
by: Rudi

I urgently look for parts fo the health walker. Monitor etc

Health Walker NEW
by: jakie

I am looking for foot pedal please help

Stride counter NEW
by: Pinkieyz

I wonder if someone has the computer part of the walker
As I have the walker an wires but no counter at
Top in middle so I can push my self more each day
After having a stoke I am trying to walk again
So need this to make different goal each day
I hope some can help me
Many thanks
My email addy is. Pinkieyz@hotmail.com

plastic pedals NEW
by: Sanita

I had a carpenter make me two wood pedals and now my problem is solved, I could not find plastic ones anywhere, the carpenter even painted them black and did a wonderful job.

monitor NEW
by: Anonymous

can someone tell us what are different functions are and what order do they run.Lost manual.Press buttons but not sure of order,eg strides,time?

left plastic pedal broken NEW
by: Sanita

I love my Health Walker but my left plastic pedal is broken where can I buy one ?

Need Health Walker T2000 fott pedal NEW
by: sandw

I have a Health Walker Plus T2000.
I need a replacement left footstep/pedal.
I have not been able to find any parts currently available for this unit. Anyone out there that is not using theirs or has one that has other broken parts and would be willing to sell me a pedal?

advice NEW
by: Anonymous

the monitor not working ?
open the unit check that batties are replaced , check that the cable is plugged in [the one from the sensor]

need foot pedals?
how bout fixing it with qbond or getting a carpenter to make a new wooden version ?

oil it

towel holder ?
excellent idea

no water/cup holder?
buy a bicycle bottle holder and use that.

Poor service after bying the Health Walker NEW
by: Magda

It seems the service one get after buying the Health Walker is very bad. I send a request some time back already and ask where can I service mine and also about the metre that is not working. No one send me a return answer or give me advice. So this is very bad that no one, even the providers of the Health Walker can come up with advice !! If someone ask me about this machine I will tell them to not buy it because the after service is very bad, there is not after service.

Please help
by: Magda

My health Walker I bought second hand from my sister years ago. The step and calorie counter does not work and it sqeeks when walking on it. Is there somebody who can help servicing this machine for me. I use it because it do not put strain on my feet, I am not alloud to walk long distances, but with this machine no problem with my feet when walking on it. Please help.JUNGL

by: Ed

Does anyone know where I can get a side sensor for this machine? OR if anyone has one spare?

Please email me: eddstanley@hotmail.com

Thank you.

soek na gebruiksaanwysings.
by: Anonymous

Ek sal dit waardeer as ek die instruksies van die "Health Walker" kan in die hande kry wat al die oefeninge dek wat ingesluit is . Baie dankie !

Good condition HealthWalket T2000
by: Anonymous

Here is a good one for sale.

monitor xs2000 health walker
by: Mar

Does anyone know where I might buy the above mentioned monitor. Co doesn't seem to have a web site.

help with parts
by: Anonymous

could someone help me find a part for my health walker xs2000

by: bjb

Can anyone out there help me? I am looking for a user manual for the Health Walker. I tried to download one at the Australian Company website that Joanne suggested but it came up with no manual found. Evidently they have discontinued it. Please contact me at abiggrumpy@aol.com

please help me figure out scan function
by: Anonymous

got my health walker from a friend, on the monitor it says (below stides per minute on the left of the screen) "scan" - do you need some extra part to scan heart rate etc or is there a special place on the bars to hold? it does monitor everything else though

Health Walker seeking new home
by: private.account@sbcglobal.net

I loved it. My hips and knees are much better and I've been able to move on to a broader range of activity. I also promised to free up space and my Health Walker is now looking for a new home. $50 & Shipping, or pick up in the SF South Bay area.

i need a new xl 2000 monitor can some one help me
by: Anonymous

can someone help me get this part i am lost without being able to see srep and etc i am taking

i need a new xl 2000 monitor can some one help me
by: Anonymous

can someone help me get this part i am lost without being able to see srep and etc i am taking

i need a new xl 2000 monitor can some one help me
by: Anonymous

can someone help me get this part i am lost without being able to see srep and etc i am taking

gravity walker xs2000
by: Anonymous

I`ve just been given the gravity walker xs2000 but it doesn`t come with a manual and i was wondering how you get the monitor walking to see how many steps you have done? i push the button and it just comes on 0 so i don`t think i need new batteries?

parts for Gravity Health Walker Plus
by: David

We have been unable to obtain 2 bearings for our walker, so have decided to sell the few parts that are still usable the i.e. remaining 2 bearings, the counting unit and the 2 foot pedals. Contact me at david_magee37@hotmail.co.uk

Health Walker spares
by: Stephanie Benade

I urgently need a new foot peddle for my health walker! Can anyone assist me or tell me who to contact?

Health Walker spares
by: Stephanie Benade

I urgently need a new foot peddle for my health walker! Can anyone assist me or tell me who to contact?

Battery Compartment
by: Anonymous


I have read your instruction on how to open the comopartment to insert new batteries, but just can't get it open - any other ideas?

parts for sale
by: ann

i have health walker parts for sale
my email address rlinder1@rochester.rr.com

How to open the Reader compartment
by: Daniel Rossouw

The display ubit merely clips together. If you look a few inches below where the name of the unit is, you will see the joint. Then just below this is a smaller :block" if you like. Take a suitable instrument like a blunt knife for examole and apply a little force in the middle of the block and the two halves should break apart.

You adjust the tension by tightening the four Max 4 Tension Controller that are situated on either side of the machine just low the arm levers.

Not quite sure about the wire and clip but on the right hand side there is some wire leading to a counter which counts the number of times the right foot Walker goes past it. Hope this helps

Battery compartment?
by: Anonymous

This is a nice exerciser. Folds right up! Great low-impact exercise. But I need some help. How do I open the battery compartment on my XS2000 Health Walker to replace batteries? Just bought it at an auction. No book with it. Do not know how to replace batteries. Has a wire extending from the right side with a black clip at the end. Can anyone tell me how to replace the battery, how to adjust the tension for exercise, and what the wire and clip are used for? Appreciate any help.

batteries type
by: Janina

original batteries (2 round)in my "XS2000 Logic System" walker are 357 Energizer +

batteries for XS2000 logic system
by: Janina

I just took out original batteries from my machine (2 round), the number is 357 Energizer +

All info on Health Walker
by: JoAnna

I did some research because I too just purchased one of these machines at a garage sale. I found the web site for the original. It is out of Australia. I emailed the parts department because I need to replace the computer system because someone has cut the line. I was also able to download the instruction manual for this model. The problem is that we know it as the Health Walker xs2000 but the company uses "Gravity walker Style KV 2200U" The web site is http://www.infiniti.com.au/ for anyone who needs it.

by: Anonymous

Please let me know where could I surge for parts for my Health Walker

by: Anonymous

I really don't know what it's called but it is where the counter/battery is I need to get a new one. If you could please forward me telephone numbers so I could order one

foot pedal
by: Anonymous


Health walker
by: Anonymous

I need to find a foot paddle for left side. Does any one know where I can find one?

Love it!
by: Anonymous

I'v had my health walker for 10 years. I only paid $79.00 at Montgomery Wards. I use it often and do enjoy the benefits of loosing weight and inches.

by: Anonymous

Does your health walker have a panel that says XS2000 Logic System and if so what size battery do you use for the display? Thanks

Towel dryer?
by: Anonymous

You do realize that it folds up for storage right? It will slide right under a bed.

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