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Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

by Rosanna

I have been working on my ab muscles for quite some time now and even though I can feel my ab's getting stronger and more tone, I still have a belly. My question is, Will this "flab" ever tighten

up or at least get smaller in size? What can I do to change my body other than abs exercise? Is it still possible to get results as I'm aging?



This is a common question that people have about their
abs. And believe it or not, we really do have some control
over how our body looks. It is usually not an
"instant change" as many advertisers promise and is
different for every person, but there are a few
essential things needed from you in order to begin to
see your body change and transform.

1. Motivation to start

2. Commitment to eat sensibly (not starve yourself,
but not over indulge either) There is a great program
to track your nutrition at

3. Consistent workouts including both weight training
and moderate aerobic exercise. I can hear you start
groaning now, but seriously it will take a consistent
effort 3-4 times per week to achieve the results you

Like most women, I believed the myth that if I used
weight training in my workout routines, I would "bulk
up" and not look feminine and attractive. I would do
strengthening exercises for my abdominals and back,
but avoided weight training on a regular basis.
Instead I focused on cardiovascular exercise -
running, walking, biking, and rollerblading.

This is common among most women.

However, a few year ago I decided to put myself to the
test. After exercising regularly 3-4 times per week I
have seen dramatic results. Not only did I lose 16 inches overall and 6% body fat,
I also have more energy for my daily tasks!

What made the difference? Weight training.

Many people think that metabolism (or your body's
ability to burn calories and fat) is set in place from
your family genes and gets worse with age. As you
age, you tend to lose muscle due to inactivity. You
get busy with work and your families and move a little
less each day.

What happens is you begin to lose muscle mass each
year, which is what fuels your metabolism. So, when
your body loses muscle, your metabolism decreases and
you burn less calories each day. Therefore, you can
eat the same amount of food and still gain weight with
each passing year.

The good news is that you can change your metabolism
and allow for ongoing fat release! That's what I did.
Once I added weight training to my workouts on a
regular basis, I saw dramatic results.

4. Work your abs using the best ab exercises and work
your body as a whole.

You can view the top ab exercises recommended here:

Because the abs are involved in stabilization during
free standing movements, it's important to perform
movements that force your body to move as your body
was designed to function. Squats, lunges, presses, and
standing curls all have their place, not only in
increasing muscle mass and respectively metabolism,
but also in strengthening the abdominal musculature.

Good luck reaching your fitness goals!

Helping you reach your fitness potential,

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