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Do Salabhasana to strengthen your hamstrings

The hamstrings are the longest muscles in the body. Since hamstrings work to pull back the leg and bend the knee, they can be easily injured. They can also be injured by over stretching.

One of the things that our yoga teacher taught us was this. Because all forward bends put strain on the hamstrings, especially the upper portion of the hamstrings. And it is not possible to altogether possible to avoid forward bending. So the best way to improve an over-stretching in one direction is to flex in the opposite direction.

Over-stretching a muscle or tendon weakens it, and to strengthen a weak muscle, you need to contract it.

One of the yoga postures which help to tones up the thigh muscle is Salabhasana. It is one of the asanas which I do regularly. It is done in prone posture.

This is how it is practiced. Make fists of your palms with the thumbs tucked in and place them under the thighs, with back of the hands towards the ground. While inhaling raise both the legs up as far as comfortable without bending the knees. Stay for one minute with normal breathing. Come back to normal position while exhaling. Relax.

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