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C-Section Scar Change With Sit-ups

by Gayle

I have just started exercising after having a crash c-section three years ago. I did a lot of sit-ups and 3 days later my scar has changed shape and my tummy is very itchy and sore and i have feeling there, where as before it was still numb.

Is this normal or i have i done some damage? I thought after 3 years i would be totally healed?


You're right to believe that your scar should be totally healed after 3 years. The normal healing process to form a good scar usually happens after 4-6 weeks. Some scars do take longer.

Since it's been so long (3 years) the scar itself should be okay. What may be happening is that after starting new exercises, the muscles underneath the scar or the nerves are getting slightly irritated. If this continues to worsen, consult with your doctor.

In the meantime, you may want to try some exercises that don't cause so much movement to that area. I really like the plank exercise. It doesn't look very hard, but it really works your abs and you can start with 15 seconds and try to work your way up to 2 minutes. I would recommend trying 2 reps of the plank followed by 2 reps of each side plank. You can see the exercises here:

The Plank

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Comments for C-Section Scar Change With Sit-ups

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by: cell

i just experienced the same problem,i had my csection 4years ago,.i do sit-ups on my PE class 2days ago and my stitch hurts until now..it feels like it is swollen, maybe the muscles was stretched...

by: Anonymous

I had a similar thing happen - I lost sensation on a portion of my belly and then one day, all of the sudden, after jumping around, I had a tingling and some of the feeling came back. It sounds like it's the nerves.

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