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Big Belly Mama

In 1999 (9 years ago) I had an 8.5 lb. baby boy--I also gained a lot of water weight with him (60+lbs.). I had all the symptoms of pre-ecclampsia, except I never passed protein in my urine and my blood pressure remained normal. I was also repeatedly tested for diabetes in pregnancy, but always negative. All I did for 2 weeks after my c-section was pee to rid my body of extra fluids.

Then, in 2001 (6 years ago) I had an 8lb. 1 oz. baby girl--still gained water weight but better--only 40+lbs. Still negative for pre-ecclampsia and diabetes. I also had this child cesarean.

You all should know that I frightened my doctor both times severely because I looked like the Sta-Puff marshmello man and he nor I knew why. Also, I labored at least to 7-9 cm dialation with both children--but had c-sections due to fetal distress. Cord was around neck, under arm, and around top of head--exactly the same both times.

Anyway, 5 months after my 2nd child I had a total abdominal hysterectomy ( 5 years ago) except for 1 ovary due to my age of 28 at the time. I had endometriosis and had difficulty conceiving and horrible pain and debilitation with my monthly cycles.

I am now near 35 years old--I am capable of losing wt. although as I age this becomes more difficult. I am large breasted, but feel good in my body except. . .

I would like an abdomnioplasty with a penicculectomy to remove my HUGE apron from below my belly button. My GYN says this is surgical injury from 3 cuts to the same site and that all the sit ups in the world won't change it. I also need to have inner thigh repair due to the amount of water stretching done during pregnancy to my thighs. My breasts are a 42 DD and sag like I was 50 years old and I would love to have these repaired as they constantly hurt my back. I also carried both children head down for an extended period of time during both pregnancies and so I need a vaginoplasty as well--things are large and floppy there--Sorry.

My GYN says the breasts and abdomen will be covered by insurance since it is considered both back pain contributing and also surgical injury.

My questions are--should I wait until I am at an ideal weight? How much will I lose after surgery? What procedures are best for me and my body?

Are there exercises I can do to help now because my clothes need to be bought to accommodate my disproportions and not me at this time. This is affecting my sex life with my husband because I am so self conscious. Even after a previous 75 lb. weight loss, there were no changes to my problem areas.

Please help, my self esteem is suffering!!!

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by: Shelley

Thanks for sharing your situation with us! It sounds like you've been through a lot and still going through a lot.

Unfortunately, most of your questions go beyond my expertise and will require the experience of a surgeon.

I wish the best of luck to you!

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