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Baddhakonasana Pregnancy Exercise

by vidula

During my second pregnancy this asana helped me a lot. This yoga posture will help loosen your hip joints and will improve your posture, thus helps in easing lower-back tension and making child birth easier. Use these to train pelvic muscles right through pregnancy.

From what I have understood, the name Baddhakonasana means "bound angle pose" where angle is the angle between your legs when your feet are wide apart. When you bring your feet together, you close that angle off or "bind" it. Hence the name "bound angle pose."

This is how it is practiced. There may be slight difficulty in the beginning but as time goes you will feel the difference.

Step 1: Start sitting straight up against a wall. Try to keep the shoulders straight.Don't droop them.

Step 2: Bring soles of the feet together, bending knees as though going to sit cross legged. Make sure that knees stay flat on the floor.

Step 3: Hold for as long as comfortable.

Step 4: Release the legs and repeat.

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