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Abs after C-section

I had a C-section 7 weeks ago, what kind of abs exercises would be appropriate for me?

Thank you.


After your stitches have healed and your doctor gives you the okay, you can begin to exercise your abs in a similar way as if you had a vaginal delivery.

Here are a couple pages on my site that talk about recovery after c-section.

Recovery After C-Section

Other Women's Stories and What They Did to Recover from a C-Section

Abs After C-Section

After pregnancy, it is important to rebuild your abs from the inside out, starting with the deepest layer, the transverse abdominal muscles. This is the muscle the flattens the abdominal wall...I like to think of it like a back brace that surrounds and supports your abdomen. Weakness in the this muscle may causes the belly to "pooch" out, especially when you exert yourself in exercise.

One of the best ways to strengthen this muscle is simply a isometric abdominal exercise. You simply tighten your abs, like you are drawing your abs into your spine and hold for 5 seconds. My co-worker calls this the "beach body" exercise because many people do it when they walk around in their bathing suits....sucking in their stomach!

Start with the more simple exercises and then gradually build your way up to more difficult exercises. Listen to your body...it will tell you when an exercise is just too much too soon.

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