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Ab Lounge to decrease strain on neck?

by Dale
(Bellingham,WA )

I tend to strain my neck when doing ab work. I am thinking about purchasing an ab lounge. Do they do a good job?



To start off with, I want to say I'm not a big fan of all these ab gadgets that come out. It seems like there's a new one every week. I am a big fan of using an exercise ball. Have you tried the ball....if so, does it seem to still put strain on your neck? If so, another great exercise that may be better for you neck is the plank.

One thing I did notice about the ab lounge is that the price is pretty steep. Looks like you can get it cheaper on Ebay.

But, overall, it does have pretty solid reviews. Here are a bunch of reviews of the ab lounge you can read on Amazon.com...

Amazon Reviews of Ab Lounge

Here are a few snippets:

"Comfortable to use...unlike regular sit-ups on the floor this does support your body so that you don't get the sore neck and lower back."

"Very little strain on back and neck"

"A couple of people asked me as I was doing it if I felt anything, I didn't know yet. All I knew was my back and neck felt supported. When it hit me to tighten my stomach muscles while doing the exercise - I knew the Ab Lounge was my product."

"I love the ab lounge, crunches are easy to do now, NO neck pain..."

"The ablounge 2 is great! Easy to use, and does not hurt my neck like regular sit ups. Works great. after 2 weeks of use already saw results!!! THanks!!"

"I bought my Ab Lounge a few weeks ago and I use it almost every day. It really provides excellent support for both your back and neck. So, since there is no pain in those two areas, I am more focused on working my abs and I can feel the difference."

"This machine gets rid of the potential for back and neck pain by providing support for your back and neck. So even if the workout for your abs is only 50% of what actual crunches would do, you can now do twice as many reps on the Ab Lounge to make up the difference AND when tomorrow rolls around you won't have a stiff back and neck from the previous day to prevent you from working out again."

Get started using an ab lounger

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Comments for Ab Lounge to decrease strain on neck?

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by: morgan hylemon

The ab lounge gives successful results! I noticed a huge difference just after the first week, now if your a body builder you may not due to the fact that you may be used to have tone muscles. It works. the last persons comment is full of shit. the reveiws prove that it works

AB Lounge
by: Anonymous

The ab lounge really doesn't work. I have one & have been using it for 3 yrs...still have large abs. I have now joined a gym & started doing strength training & cardio. Don't waste ur money on this machine.

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