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Want to Review My Product? Exercise Advice Journal Special Off
May 03, 2008

Exercise Advice Journal - Special Offer
May 3, 2008

I will get straight to my point. I have a product and need some feedback on it. The product's main purpose is to help you get motivation for exercise. I think it's great, but want to see if you think the same thing about it.

So I'm looking for 10 people willing to download and review this product called Success-ercise exercise motivational system and give me honest feedback about it.

What will you get? You get this product for free. A PDF and 6 audio MP3's. Normally I sell it for $29.95. You can see the sales page here: Success-ercise sales page.

The catch? I will be able to use your comments on my website or any other material to promote this product.

So if this sounds like an offer you're interested in simply reply to this e-mail right now and let me know because I'll take the first 10 e-mails I receive. First come, first serve :)

Helping you reach your fitness potential,

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